Watch the vidoe below to explain the cool science behind Smartie Cards

Flashcards are scientifically proven to be the most effective study & review method especially owing to the three defining principles; active-recall, meta-cognition and spaced repetition.



It is known to effectively allow for Active Recall, which is essentially the mental reconstruction of a concept from an image rather than the details of text.

Metacognition is also a proven result of the Flashcard system where each time an answer is revealed students instinctively enter the “Did I get it right” mode which acts as a form self-reflection known as metacognition. This self-reflection is known to ingrain memories deeper into students’ knowledge base.

The next, and probably the most exciting aspect of the Flashcard system is its Confidence-Based Repetition or (CBR), which allow students to separate the information they need to focus on retaining, from those they have already mastered. CBR is essentially therefore a time-saving skill that builds confidence in the students’ knowledge base while optimizing and improving their memory performance.